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  • Training in prevention of disability derived from the disease of Leprosy through physical rehabilitation.


  • Training of social worker and participants in disability prevention through rehabilitation exercises focused on the upper and lower extremities and facial exercises.

  • Training in the manufacture of required materials for rehabilitation from recycling.

  • Training in self-care: The importance of hygiene and hydration in the prevention of ulcers.

  • Training of the district representatives of the providence of Cabo Delgado in prevention of physical disability.

  • Creation and management of socio-labour workshops to promote social inclusion and the de-esteem generated by Leprosy.

  • Training and start-up of the sewing workshop.

  • Training and start-up of the ‘’Ecological inks’’ workshop.

  • Creation of the pottery workshop.

  • Alemo social worker training.

  • Training in Social Skills.

  • Training in Psychosocial Care.

  • Training in Social Intervention.

  • Training in rehabilitation and self-care.

  • Objectives.

  • Improvement of self-concept and self-esteem.

  • Prevention of physical disability.

  • Creation of rehabilitations and self-care habits.

  • Socio-labour inclusion.

  • Improvement of the mood to reduce depressive states.

  • Training in organisation and self-management of the different socio-labour workshops.

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