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We’re a self-managed non-profit organisation that works in International Cooperation for development.


We work in impoverished countries for the social inclusion, awareness and participation of people with functional diversity, people at risk of exclusion and their environment.

At the same time, we work in socially enriched countries to raise awareness of the vulnerability of people with functional diversity and at risk of exclusion in impoverished countries, with the aim of encouraging social participation and taking a critical and active stance in this situation.



We believe in a way of International Cooperation not linked to the interests of third parties and not conditioned in time or action by the subsidies received, for this reason, we don’t accept subsidies from government administrations, companies or institutions that have to do with global poverty or wealth nor with the creation of lucrative activities derived from this situation.


Our job is based on the pillars of autonomy, self-management and fight for dignity and respect for all people.

We fight so that people enjoy the same opportunities and the same starting point, so that no person is a victim of poverty and the evils that it generates, so that each person has freedom and autonomy to decide their future and their own life, so that we all have the right of free movement and so that there is a response of active solidarity to any situation of injustice.

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