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At O.C.A. we believe that the evaluation of our work and the subsequent follow-up of it is of vital importance.

For this we developed several quantitative methods to measure the impact of our interventions.

These methods are the evaluation of the consecution of the proposed objectives, surveys and evaluations addressed to the participants, to the collaborating Associations, to the partners and to the workers of the O.C.A.


The follow-up is carried out by maintaining a permanent contact with the associations with which we have collaborated and with the contacts created.

We would love to be able to check again the fruits of our work by ourselves but we can’t because of economic reasons.

The O.C.A. will publish a report detailing the impact of our projects, the objectives achieved and the opinion of the workers, participants, etc., with whom we’ve worked.

The O.C.A. will commit to making follow-up reports on the different projects executed.

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