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Previously, we make a scale of the economic resources that we need to he development of each project and we design and strategy to reach those resources. This strategy is based on financing campaigns, socio-cultural activities, donations and the support of partners.


After the first projects carried out and the time we have spent with the O.C.A since 2015, we’ve seen how our way of working becomes intermittent since, until now, O.C.A. workers have been carrying the travel expenses, such as tickets, the cost of the entire identification phase and the unpaid work in Spain.


These expenses made it obligatory to return from our projects and start working immediately in other jobs in order to continue maintaining economically the O.C.A. and its workers, depriving us of the necessary time to continue with our work and becoming this eventual, being able to carry it out every two years, time required to save all the necessary money to carry out this, our great dream: a world where all people enjoy freedom, justice and the same opportunities.


We have verified that our projects have an impact more than positive, that we can do it and also that we can do it well.

We’ve fought in Mozambique against all possible adversities and we’ve never lost the smile, we’ve seen how for the first time a mother spoke with her 12-year-old son, we’ve witnessed how people that only spoke about their illness forgot for about it and learnt a job at the same time that they won their laughter back, we’ve felt how a teacher started to understand a student, until then discriminated by its functional diversity, we’ve been moved when LGTBIQ+ people spoke without fear of their sexual conditions to their neighbours, for this and for many other reasons we know that we do a meaningful job, that challenges the impossible and that advances without fear showing that everything is possible, and more when we talk about people.

For these reasons we have decided to dedicate ourselves in a continuous way to the O.C.A., leaving our jobs and thus offering a continuity to our work.

  • Flight tickets will be paid by the O.C.A., as well as the international health insurance.


Campaña de financiación "Danos vidilla con tu Calderilla""
Kafeta Solidaria
Concierto solidario
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