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During the development of our projects, the team of workers follows a strategic line based on the division of strengths.

In this way, part of the team stays in the country of origin, coordinating the different factors that may appear during the direct intervention of the rest of the workers in the country of destination.

At the same time, this team is responsible for the work of social awareness in the country of origin during the realisation of the projects, transmitting information and organising socio-cultural activities for this purpose.


Concurrently, the rest of professionals will work on direct intervention in the destination country, sending information about the project’s development and their needs.

This intervention is carried out together with the organisation or organisations elected in impoverished countries, prioritising as beneficiaries the families of people with functional diversity, teachers, educators or care givers of these people, as well as groups of people at risk of exclusion with which we work and their environment.


Our work follows a multiplier line where the objective of our skills and training is for the information to multiply and reach as many people as possible, thus serving many more people who aren’t the main receivers of our projects.


We work collaboratively, demanding the involvement and action of the people with whom we work, being this point crucial to continue with our interventions, since if people don’t want to be participants, they are left out of the O.C.A. projects, as we said before, we don’t work charitably and this system, however hard it might seem, makes us not to fall into charity welfare or condescension.

Trabajo colaborativo
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