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As you know, for us, collaborative work, involvement and commitment are basic.

Mutual support is another tool that seems indispensable to us to advance and grow together, creating a firm network that isn’t easy to undo.


And as you also know, without you we aren’t… we count on your support, impulse and confidence.

You can collaborate with the O.C.A. in different ways. Here are some.

How can I collaborate with the O.C.A.?

Become a Member

  Set up an activity

We look for you!

Do we meet?

By becoming a member of the O.C.A. you can choose the periods of participation and with which quota you want to participate.

At the moment, we are working on this way of collaboration to make it comfortable and affordable.

But if you want to collaborate economically with the O.C.A., you can do it through this button or in our bank account.

ES10 3017 0566 0323 4945 7826

Setting up a sociocultural activity like a talk, concert, cinema-forum… whatever you come up with! Provided it has a critical and denouncing component towards situations that perpetuate inequality and exclusion.

Yielding the benefits or disseminating the work carried out by the O.C.A. you help us to increase, this, our great family.

Fill out our form to participate!

From time to time, difficulties, doubts or situations that simply escape from our reach arise.

Therefore, we will eventually publish a call for voluntary participation on this page or on our social networks.

If you think you can support with your knowledge or skills, taking into account the time you will need and your level of commitment, we will be happy to count on your collaboration, as we build this among all of us.


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