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CASA AZUL (Blue House)

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  • Awareness and information about functional diversity to mothers and relatives of children and teenagers with Functional Diversity (F.D.)

  • Training on the different causes that generate functional diversity.

  • Destigmatising people with F.D. dismantling false myths.

  • Rights and abilities of people with F.D.

  • Trainings in people with behavioural disorders.

  • Trainings in direct intervention in disruptive behaviours.

  • Provide mothers with tools and basic guidelines for the regulation of disruptive behaviour present in their children.

  • Training of the worker responsible for the project.

  • Functional Diversity training.

  • Specific training on Autonomy, Communication, Inclusion, Rights, Leisure and Behaviour Disorders.

  • Training in necessary skills to carry out the basic activities of daily life.

  • Self-care: Brushing teeth, washing face and hands.

  • Autonomy in food (learn to eat alone, to drink, etc.).

  • Basic home tasks.

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