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Enrique Coronel Cortés.


Technician in Attention to people in situation of dependency.

Currently studying Advanced Vocational Training in Social Integration.

Postgraduate degree in international cooperation and international immigration at the School of Cooperation and Immigration Professionals (EPIC).

Postgraduate degree in International Cooperation at the Complutense University of Madrid, 2013.

Course on Development Cooperation in the field in the Dominican Republic. 2010.

Professional Course on Autism taught by Pauta Association of Madrid.

He worked at the Pauta Association, Madrid.

His work has always been dedicated to people at risk of social exclusion: people with functional diversity, unaccompanied migrant minors or LGTB+ people who were involved in sex work.

Kike C

Alba Ripoll Niño.

Graduated in Advanced Vocational Training in Social Integration in 2014 by the IES Batalla de Clavijo, Logroño.

Currently Studying Psychology at UNED (Spanish Distance University).

She works for people with functional diversity since 2003, in Fundació Pere Mitjans, Fundamipf.

Currently working at ARPA Autism La Rioja.

Formed in behaviour disorders and disruptive behaviours.

Performs different courses of specialisation in communication (PEC’s and A2 level in Spanish Sign Language).

Member of La Tavaya, an association that develops training, awareness-raising and denounce actions on the situation of children and young people, working to improve the situation of people at risk of social exclusion.

Alba R

Noelia Hernández Sanchez.

Graduated in Social Education at the University of Granada. Finishes the degree in 2010.

Before finishing her digree she started to work with people with functional diversity in 2009 at Fundamipf.

She worked for 5 years in direct service at the Pere Mitjans Foundation.

She currently works in an Emergency and First reception center of migrant children as a therapist with dogs for people with functional diversity in the Catalan Association of Zootherapy.

Trained as a Veterinary Assistant, Zootherapist, animal acupuncturist and canine educator

Noelia H

Belén Núñez Jiménez.

Graduated in Social Work in 2003 Pablo de Olavide University, Sevilla.

Since then, she works with functional diversity, in direct attention, intermittently, at Pere Mitjans Foundation, Fundamipf and ECOM Foundation as a personal assistant.

She’s currently studying a Master Degree in Attention to Dependency and Disability in the Healthcare field.

Belén N
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